Our Services Include:

*Dental Examinations                                        *Fillings                                                  *Porcelain Crowns
*Digital X-rays                                                       *Teeth Whitening                               *Night Guards
*Regular & Deep Cleanings                              *Extractions                                         *Dentures & Partials
*Preventive Care                                                   *Root Canal Treatments                   *Bridges and more

Meet Our Dentists

Doris A. Guevara D.D.S. 

Dr. Guevara has been a dentist since 1987, opened her own practice in 1996, and moved 

to Regent Street in 2000. Over the years she has developed trusting relationships

in her community. Dr. Guevara has a gentle touch, and  has become friends with many

of her patients. She uses state of the art equipment, and her dental team has been with

her for many years-very much like a family. 





Meet Our Dental Team