Our Services Include:

*Dental Examinations                                        *Fillings                                                  *Porcelain Crowns
*Digital X-rays                                                       *Teeth Whitening                               *Night Guards
*Regular & Deep Cleanings                              *Extractions                                         *Dentures & Partials
*Preventive Care                                                   *Root Canal Treatments                   *Bridges and more

Meet Our Dentists

Doris A. Guevara D.D.S. 

Dr. Guevara has been a dentist since 1987, opened her own practice in 1996, and moved 

to Regent Street in 2000. Over the years she has developed trusting relationships

in her community. Dr. Guevara has a gentle touch, and  has become friends with many

of her patients. She uses state of the art equipment, and her dental team has been with

her for many years-very much like a family. 




                                          Amelia A. Flores D.M.D.

Dr. Amelia Flores has over 20 years of experience in providing dental procedures in the State of California, including extended training in periodontal (gum) procedures, surgical extractions, endodontic (root canal) procedures, and aesthetic and contemporary dentistry. Her experience

has made her an expert in performing beautiful dental restorations, and allows her to handle more complex cases. Dr. Flores acquired her Doctor of Dental Medicine in Degree at Southwestern University, and she is Board Certified and licensed to practice in the State of California.



Meet Our Dental Team